TASA’s Annual Business Meeting

The following TASA members attended the 2014 annual business meeting, January 21, at the home of Anne Godsey: Gail Goodwin, Anne Godsey, Michael Mack, Christine Stanton, Helen Thompson, Junco Sato Pollack, Durshi Zoberi, Ellen Apte, Elisa Wood, Clara O’Shea, Jolie Elder, Catherine Hunt, Lucinda Headrick.

Announcements of future TASA 2014 programs included:

TASA Winter 2014 program on hydro-printing, February 19, Karen Reese Tunnell, fabric artist; TASA Spring 2014 program with Merrily Baird on symbolism in Japanese textiles or similar program; TASA Summer 2014 program co-hosted with SEFAA: June 21, 2014, Cloth Roads (www.clothroads.com), at the SEFAA center.  Junco Sato Pollack suggested several future program ideas: Karen weavers, Marla Mallet, Kim Reinman, kudzu weaving, a trunk show of “rag” jackets designed with world-sourced fabrics by Mary Ann Gardler of Safe Keeper Vest, Seattle, WA.  Stephanie Jolluck has offered to do a Guatemalan textile trunk sale at Bill Arnett’s warehouse in Atlanta. Michael Mack suggested a presentation by Andreas Moraga, collector and dealer of African Peruvian textiles, when he comes to town.

In other news:

Anne Godsey volunteered to be the TASA representative to SEFAA board meetings.  TASA will take part in SEFAA’s “square-foot” fabric show and award a “best-as” ribbon on behalf of TASA.

Junco Sato Pollack and Barbara Sherman are working with refugee Karen women from Burma now living in Clarkston to weave marketable products to sell. Mingei Gallery has offered to sell the weavings through their shop. A motion was passed to donate $200 from TASA funds for Junco to purchase yarns and materials for Junco’s project.

Michael Mack showed the TASA group two African fiber items on hold by the dealer: a Tutsi beaded basket and hat from the Cameroons. Michael is suggesting these would be good items for TASA members to donate to the High Museum, African collection, in TASA’s name.

TASA voted to set up a donation fund to which members may contribute money toward the purchase of pieces to donate.  Gail made the suggestion to look into the possibility that TASA donations could be handled by SEFAA, a 501c3 organization allowing individual donation to be tax free.

Several TASA members brought textiles to show at the meeting.

Submitted by Gail Goodwin




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