TASA’s Winter Program: Karen Tunnell

Fabric artist, Karen Tunnell, presented TASA’s winter program on Wednesday, February 19.  The program was held at Karen’s studio at the SEFAA Center.

Karen gave a brief history of the various forms her fabric art has taken, including her kaleidoscope quilts and her textiles containing bubbles and egg shapes. Most recently, Karen has been hydro-printing on fabric.  One special hydro-printing technique Karen has mastered is called “Spanish Wave”.

Karen embellishes and unifies her textile art with embroidery, appliqué, knitting, hand drawing and painting.  Her concerns about the environment are reflected as themes in her work.

Karen also gave a demonstration of hydro-printing for TASA members.  A few drops of pigment in the cellulose water bath followed by a light combing or stirring produced the most amazing, almost magical, designs.

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