TASA’s Upcoming Fall 2015 Program


Presented by

DR. LYNN C. TINLEY, Independent scholar and adjunct history professor, Oglethorpe University

Date/Time:  Friday, November 16, 2015 @ 11:00 a.m.

Location:  At the home of Anne Godsey – 1795 High Trail, Atlanta, Georgia 30339

RSVP: gvgoodwin@aol.com

Admission:  Free for TASA members, $10 guests.

With a PhD in American Studies, Lynn’s primary research has been in early American material culture with an emphasis on textiles. Lynn has studied “material culture in the context of regional variations and social, cultural, gendered and religious influences,” and has done a study about “the role of African Americans” in Georgia’s textile history. In her program for TASA, Lynn will present samplers as a mode of the textile experience and explore how they express meaning and identity for both the maker and the viewer. Beginning with 17th century English samplers and continuing through the 19th century, Lynn will discuss cultural and religious design influences, embroidery techniques, and other ways samplers communicate.

Also:  Save the Date:  Thursday, December 3rd: Oaxacan Weavings

Submitted by Gail Goodwin


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