2019 Annual Business Meeting

TASA held its annual business meeting on Wednesday, February 13, at the home of Elizabeth Koets.  Members discussed ideas for future programs and had the opportunity to share interesting textiles they had acquired during the past year.  TASA member Durshi Zoberi brought beautiful Pakistani textiles to show and sell.

Submitted by Gail Goodwin


Save the Date: TASA 2019 Annual Business Meeting

The TASA business meeting is a time to plan for future TASA programs and to have show and tell with each other textiles members have acquired or made during the year.  Last year we had a fund raising sale of ethnic textiles as well.
Date: Wednesday, February 13, 2019
Location:  The Home of Elizabeth Koets
1911 Walthall Drive, Atlanta, GA 30318


Submitted by Gail Goodwin

Save the Date! TASA Winter 2019 Program

 Happy New Year!

For our winter 2019 program, TASA will be joining with SEFAA on Sunday afternoon, January 13, to tour the amazing cinematic couture exhibit at SCAD.  Scroll down for additional information about the exhibit.  The only charge for SEFAA and TASA members is the 1/2 price museum entrance fee of $5

Please rsvp to gvgoodwin@aol.com.

Depending on the number of responses, we may need to ask for a 2nd tour to start before or after the scheduled 2 PM tour.

Also, Anne Godsey is now collecting 2019 TASA dues:  $10/year, cash or check.

Checks are made out to “Anne Godsey” with “TASA” written on the “for” line.  They may be mailed to  Anne at 1795 High Trail, Atlanta 30339, or hand delivered when you attend the SCAD program.


winter program imageCinematic Couture focuses on the art of costume design through the lens of film and popular culture. More than 50 costumes created by the world-renowned London firm, Cosprop Ltd., provide an intimate look at garments and millinery that set the scene, give personality to characters and establish authenticity in period films. The films represented in the exhibition depict five centuries of history, drama, comedy, fairy tale and adventure through period costumes worn in 24 acclaimed films, including “Titanic,” “Sense and Sensibility,” “Out of Africa,” “The Duchess” and “The Danish Girl” as well as award-winning British television series “Pride and Prejudice,” “Downton Abbey” and “Victoria.” This exhibition allows you to get close to the costumes and appreciate the fine details that are often seen only briefly on screen.

Please join us for a guided tour of this fabulous exhibition!​ Just RSVP below and we’ll meet you there.

Cost: Free for SCAD FASH members and SCAD students, faculty and staff with a valid SCAD Card. $5 at the door for museum admission for the rest of us (this is half of regular admission!)

Location: SCAD FASH, 1600 Peachtree St. NW, Atlanta, GA 30309

Parking: SCAD FASH visitor parking is available in designated spaces in the fourth-floor parking garage located behind the main SCAD Atlanta building. Follow the SCAD FASH arrows to the designated spaces. Take the elevator to level “M.”

Time – Meet at the gallery at 1.50 pm; the tour will begin at 2 pm.


Submitted by Gail Goodwin

Recent TASA Programs – Fall 2018

The Textile Appreciation Society of Atlanta offered two events this Fall – 

On September 5, TASA members joined the Japanese friendship group called Tomadachi for a program of Junco Sato Pollack’s solo textile exhibit at the Swan Coach House Art Gallery.  Junco explained her work and techniques.  The two series of works on display were inspired by the Zen spiritual practice of Sutra chanting and internalized stitching as meditation. Junco explained how the repetitive action of chanting and stitching was a metaphor for Sutras, Mantras, breath, life force, and meditation.

On September 6, 2018.  Thailand native,Tip Weniger, hosted and presented TASA’s Fall 2018 program on SE Asian textiles. With knowledge gained from her extensive travel and study of regional textiles and textile design, Tip explained the different weaving techniques and motifs found in textiles from Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar.  Specifically, Tip explained the process of “mudmee” — also known as “ikat,”  supplementary weft and warp weaving, and the exquisite and intricate achiek weaving of Myanmar.  She also reviewed the history of weaving and looms. Throughout the program, Tip shared many beautiful examples of fabrics and fashions modeled by TASA members.  At the conclusion of the program, attendees enjoyed the opportunity to make purchases.

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TASA Program: Donna Hardy/Indigo in the Southeast U.S.

On Friday, June 1, Lynn Pollard hosted TASA’s summer program on indigo. Indigo authority Donna Hardy gave a history of the plant (the name indigo comes from the country name “India” ) and its use, and explained the different kinds of indigo plants–some are in the legume family; others in the cabbage family.

Donna also shared stories about the cultivation of indigo in the Carolina colonies and Georgia. She talked about various techniques in making indigo dye and showed a picture of an old indigo vat.

Donna is dedicated to preserving the knowledge of indigo production and is envisioning a center to bring all blue-producing plants from around the world together to record and document the ways they are used.
Today synthetic indigo dye is more readily available than natural indigo.

Following Donna’s program, members showed a variety of indigo-dyed fabrics from Indonesia, African countries, and SE Asia.

Submitted by Gail Goodwin