Recent TASA Programs – Fall 2018

The Textile Appreciation Society of Atlanta offered two events this Fall – 

On September 5, TASA members joined the Japanese friendship group called Tomadachi for a program of Junco Sato Pollack’s solo textile exhibit at the Swan Coach House Art Gallery.  Junco explained her work and techniques.  The two series of works on display were inspired by the Zen spiritual practice of Sutra chanting and internalized stitching as meditation. Junco explained how the repetitive action of chanting and stitching was a metaphor for Sutras, Mantras, breath, life force, and meditation.

On September 6, 2018.  Thailand native,Tip Weniger, hosted and presented TASA’s Fall 2018 program on SE Asian textiles. With knowledge gained from her extensive travel and study of regional textiles and textile design, Tip explained the different weaving techniques and motifs found in textiles from Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar.  Specifically, Tip explained the process of “mudmee” — also known as “ikat,”  supplementary weft and warp weaving, and the exquisite and intricate achiek weaving of Myanmar.  She also reviewed the history of weaving and looms. Throughout the program, Tip shared many beautiful examples of fabrics and fashions modeled by TASA members.  At the conclusion of the program, attendees enjoyed the opportunity to make purchases.

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Save the Date: 2015 Winter Program and Trunk Sale


SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28; 11 AM – 2:30 PM; Program, 11 AM 

Location: Home of Anne Godsey: 1795 High Trail, Atlanta, Georgia 30339

RSVP:, Free for TASA members and guests

Dr. Peter Reimann and his wife, Dr. Myunghee Kim, were passionate about textiles and started collecting the in the 1980s. Their collection includes textiles from Asia, South America and Africa, obtained both from their travels and from well established textile dealers around the world.  Part of their collection of Filipino textiles was purchased by the Textile Museum in Washington, D.C.  The selection to be shown on February 28th is a very small sampling of textiles from Asia, mainly Southeast Asia and India.  Junco Sato Pollack is also sharing a selection of her educational textiles, chosen to complement the textiles in the Reimann collection. They provide excellent examples of various techniques and styles of weaving.  The Reimann’s daughter, Dr. Kim Reimann, who is a Georgia State University faculty member, will be present during the program and sale.  Images of some of the pieces from this collection are featured below.

Note that only checks and cash will be accepted at the trunk sale.  Installment payments can be arranged.

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TASA Events Brief: Fall, 2014

TASA will be sponsoring the following 2 events this fall. 

Friday, September 26:

“Brides of Anansi” tour at Spellman College, arranged by Michael Mack and co-sponsored with SEFAA.

Admission fees for TASA members paid for by TASA; $3 for guests.  See the sidebar for a link to the Spellman site.  Click here for TASA/SEFAA details.

TASA’s Fall Program: Saturday, October 25: 

Safekeeper Vest trunk sale and presentation by Junco Sato Pollack

Invitation will be coming soon.  10-1 PM at the home of Clara O’Shea.  Free to TASA members and friends.